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I, Vjerana, am the person behind the Candy store.


I design, pattern and handcraft each single Candy, completely by myself.


Self-expression has always been a part of me; it has started at an early age and continued later on through drawing, playing violoncello, ceramic sculptures and fashion.


Believing that self-expression and self-presentation often come down to the smallest detail, there was the desire to create fashion with the main focus on the details. It was also my wish to produce unique items; and so the love-child VENA candy came to life.


Fashion; detail oriented and embellished with love.


Color has always been the focal point of my (design) aesthetic, and the appreciation for it only grew with time. It is a never ending love-affair!


I was born in Croatia, but have been living around the world since the age of two. All those different cultures have encouraged my mind to think outside the box, and the love for the playful shapes of my father’s Art Nouveau collection has sealed my love for playfulness in fashion.


After being stranded on a stable, but not-suitable-for-my-personality path (studying business administration), my creativity was once more awakened in a ceramics course on an exchange semester in Turkey. I quit my Finance masters right there and then and after a brief encounter with a fashion design school in Germany, I have returned to my true self.


I love daydreaming, and highly encourage it. It is how VENA candy came into light.
Inspiration comes through relaxation in long walks with my spoiled, but adored, French bulldog Zsa Zsa.


Last but not least, I have been trained at the Arsutoria School in Milan, Italy.

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