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VENA [VÉNA] candy loves the thought of being unique, playful and cheerful.

And the thought that your bag can be that little detail which will make you feel special and…  sweeten up your day, just like a candy!

VENA candy breathes color and celebrates the beauty of it, and all the joy its different shades bring. It is about finding beautiful, very often subtle, but also unpredictable color combinations. Let there be color!

Playful and sometimes a bit crazy, but always feminine…

Animal pattern is also an important element of VENA candy’s design aesthetic.
Be cheerful, be playful, love candies!

VENA candy experiments with materials, including (but not limited to) eco leather, faux fur and special fabrics, from suppliers mostly from Italy and Germany.

Each bag is handmade, with a lot of attention to detail and completely unique, made in one sample only, to make you feel special.

Since there is a lot of hand stitching involved in making a Candy, it takes approximately 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the model) to finish one bag. Each bag is made with joy and excitement, and sometimes out of the desire to materialize the vision as soon as possible, small imperfections may occur. Please take that as a part of their charm.


The Candies are delicate creatures. Please treat them as such.

A lot of work, time and love goes into making each single Candy.. Give back the love it deserves.. :)

VENA candy hopes you feel nothing but joy, when wearing your Candy.

VENA candy launched it's first collection in December 2017, and is currently based in the Netherlands.

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