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"Want a piece of... me?!"


- “that means whatever the hell you want it to mean!” -


Starting this blog entry with a Seinfeld quote, and a glorious Frank Costanza reference- I want to think a bit out loud why anybody would want a piece of the Candy Store, a piece of that creative Universe.

You want a piece of me?!A piece of the VENA candy Universe

Aside from pouring all my creative self with the intent of creating something visually beautiful, there is a deeper philosophy behind the whole concept of the Store.

The idea is to enter a world of joy and fun, a world that is not defined by trends, seasons, the influence of other people's opinion, or any other “external” factor. When you get a piece of the VENA candy universe, you get a piece of a creative safe space.

You get the opportunity to be a part of a creative whirlwind, you get the encouragement to express yourself any way you creatively want. You get to walk alongside someone whose internal creative growth has been materialised into wearable objects. You get an invitation to unapologetically let your current mood be reflected in your own style; everyday in a different way. You get the “thumbs up” for not having to be categorised into fashion “boxes”, for not having to explain your styling choices. You get directions that point you in ways other than the mainstream road. You get the standing ovations for falling head over heels for experimentation, laughter expressed in colors and the fun that is being reflected in the whole concept of the Store.



To finish this thought train in the same tone as it has started, let’s wrap it up with another Seinfeld quote, this time with an Elaine Benes reference - that means whatever the hell you want it to mean! Because that is exactly what your creative self expression should mean to yourself! It's beautiful, isn’t it?

So… you want a piece of VENA candy? You’ve got it! :)

- Vjerana



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