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Silence of the Candies


* sound of crickets in the background *


Not hearing from the Candy Store does not mean there is no work being done quietly and patiently in the background.


As the Store is focused on presenting whole collections, rather than single Candies on it’s own-  it takes time to complete a collection. That means not only designing and handcrafting the Candies all by myself, but also preparing and executing the photo shoot.


Even though personal insights into fashion, and the work itself, are being shared through the Blog- this is not a blog in it's essence. So, there are periods of time where it is simply silent here and there is no news to be presented.


Silence in the Candy Store should not be mistaken for inactivity or idleness. Just as it is always silent before the storm, it is always most silent when the Store is fully focused on getting the work done. :)




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