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The Silence of the Candies


* sound of crickets in the background *


Not hearing from the Candy Store does not mean there is no work being done quietly and patiently in the background.


As the Store is focused on presenting whole collections, rather than single Candies on it’s own-  it takes time to complete a collection. That means not only designing and handcrafting the Candies all by myself, but also preparing and executing the photo shoot. 


Taking my business seriously means being professional, and not letting the personal affect my business. And to some degree I take this very seriously (fulfilling orders, communication with customers, you know - the usual “business-y” stuff..). But taking my business seriously also means taking myself and my needs seriously. My whole business is based on and starts with my own inspiration. That is the foundation. And it is in the moments of silence where I have the possibility to withdraw into my inner creative space, that provides the foundation for my work.


Usually these moments of silence are much needed after intense moments of exposure or activity (fashion weeks, TV interview…)


For me, this is needed to stay balanced. I am not the type of person that usually walks the “golden middle”. So I go from one extreme to the other; after reaching the tip of the curve on one side, I slide down to the bottom of the other. And that means, after periods of exposure comes the period of contraction of the “outside” activities (definitely staying away from social media as much as possible).


I turn inwards to get in touch with myself, my inspiration and contemplate where and how I want to proceed further… So, there are periods of time where it is simply silent here and there is no “outside” news to be presented. 


I know that is maybe hard to grasp in this fast paced world, where you constantly have to be on top of everything; but I refuse to play this game.


So… silence in the Candy Store should not be mistaken for inactivity or idleness. Silence simply means I am diving somewhere deep in my own creative universe.



Just as it is always silent before the storm, it is always most silent when I am fully focused on getting the work done, or growing the creative seeds for future Candies… :)


- Vjerana




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Sometimes, it is silent at the Candy Store... At other times it's a frenzy of events! Wouldn't it be nice to periodically get a heads up on the conquered milestones, events and upcoming collections?

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