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Plastik, fantastik!


- ‘cause that’s how it’s done -



In today’s age, one of the biggest challenges for a “small” business like me might probably be “industry standards”.


There is a certain way everything is being "uniformized". 


Now don’t get me wrong - I take my business seriously, I wear my creativity proudly on my sleeve and I do not feel intimidated; but I do feel frustrated often.


I do not want to be pushed into standardised procedures or boxes. I do not want to be told how my self expression should manifest, just so that it would look more “familiar” or because that is the way the “big” players do it. I don’t want to melt into a generic oblivion. I refuse too. 


Recently I have received a suggestion that my pictures (product photographs) should be on a white background. Because, you know, that is simply “how all the big players do it”.


*eye roll*


I thought about it. And most honestly - the idea made me just sad. I imagined my “babies” on a lifeless white background, standing there naked and exposed in the middle of a lifeless nothingness. 


And the emptiness overwhelmed me.


So, I decided not to blend. Not to play somebody else's game.


My work should be a reflection of this beautiful magical world inside me, that I dive into to draw inspiration. I choose to be me. 


I hope it is enough to spark your interest. :)


- Vjerana



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