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Queens Gambit

Queens Gambit


So subtle and ethereal in her appearance;
yet so bold and firm in her claims!
She wants the whole world,
she wants it yesterday,
and she is not afraid of marching forward
and of the risks that come with it!


The bag can be worn around the hips, around the waist as a belt bag, or as a crossbody bag- however You like it most, or whatever suits the moment best. The adjustable strap provides options.

It is made from beautiful metallic goat and calf leather in different shades of gold, light blue and light green and it is embellished with beads. Like always, it is handmade, and beads are sewn on by hand.

The additional decorative layers resembling crown shapes have been sketched, hand drawn, cut and stitched on with great precision.

This bag is handmade wearable art - please treat it & take care of it accordingly and celebrate tiny imperfections (if there are any) as part of its charm.

Approximate dimensions of each Candy are: 27(l) x 15(h) x 1(w) cm OR 10.6(l) x 6(h) x 0.4(w) in.

*** The editorial clothing is also handmade by VENA candy and is available upon request


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