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Wild Kingdom


Inspired by the Royalty from the Wilderness, where shiny embellishments meet animal patterns, comes the first collection - Wild Kingdom!

Shop Part I of the collection as we, astounded, march into the great Wild Kingdom, and discover on our way more Candies to come!


With a focus on quality, design, aesthetics and uniqueness - rather than on quantity- these are the first 9 Candies of the Wild Kingdom collection. The collection will grace your eyes with 13 beauties at the end.

The Candies are primarily made of high quality faux leather and faux fur,  along with the exception of fabric components.

All the embellishment has been sewn on by hand. It took a lot of love, patience  and daydreaming about the Wild Kingdom to handcraft each Candy. As well as approximately 2 weeks of time, dedicated to each Candy.

The Candies are delicate creatures. Please treat them accordingly.


Now go get your sugar rush... :)

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