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The Candy Store likes to use, among many other materials, eco leather. The relationship with this material started long ago, and remains strong. In today's endless options, the Store considers it a pity to limit itself only to traditional materials. Love the diversity!


On my very intensive course on bag making, in Italy, where I have been taught (surely) by the best of the best in the industry of bag making, I made it clear that I really do like using (high-quality!) faux leather, amongst other materials. That statement wasn’t welcomed with approval, and the low opinion on this material has been repeatedly made clear.


But what can I say, except that, with all due respect to the veterans of the industry and to their knowledge and experience- I just didn’t care. Even though real leather is a beautiful and somewhat noble material, I decided to stick to my guns, and to my extremely positive experience with that material.


The Candy Store does plan the use of real leather, at some point, of course! But holding on only to tradition (and the use of only traditional materials) could lead to a closed mind and an old fashioned way of thinking.


So- it is simple! Creativity and quality come first in the Candy Store, but it is also open to the diversity of possibilities! :)




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