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-  H A N D M A D E    B A G S  -



 - come along, darling -


Long before VENA candy was brought to life, I felt a very strong need to transcend the everyday banality and routine. To give life and existence itself a (higher) meaning.


It shouldn’t be just endless repetition of daily motions. Of course, there IS more than that; there is personal progress, personal happiness and setting out and achieving personal goals. Family and friends. Living life in its essence.


But for me, that also meant something else; it meant satisfying the need of making something “bigger” than myself.


In the beginning, that need was mostly manifested through daydreaming.


But then VENA candy came to “life”; it started just as a small spark- a spark of a fashion philosophy of being unique, colorful and playful. First, only in my mind, it slowly blossomed there; for quite a while… But as life progressed, and pieces fell into their places- a vision began to take shape. And at some point it became a physical reality, too.


Slowly, but surely, this magical place, called the “The Candy Store”- where imagination and fun and joy and the love for color are being materialized into wearable objects, started to take form.


It was imagined as (and is constantly working its way towards to) a place where my inner and personal “magic” is being materialized into something physical. Into fashion. Into bags.


Fashion; that reflects an inner transcendent process and tells a story.


This transcendence mostly happens through transforming/processing the awareness and perception of the “outer” space, into my “inner” space; observing it there and approaching it with curiosity. Then giving it additional meaning or a story, and materializing it back again into the “outer” space. Sometimes, the most “ordinary” (precious, actually) daily moments turn into great starting points of an inspirational process.


But inspiration doesn’t come only through processing the “outer” space into the “inner”, and back again into the “outer”. Many creative sparks start on some emotional level. Being emotionally moved can happen through many sources, and one of them is certainly music. So music also plays a very big role, when it comes to being inspired. And transcending everyday routine. Sometimes it truly “sets a tone”!


Anyway... To cut the long story short- I strongly believe that the point and purpose of fashion are to lift our spirits, to transcend the everyday banality. Come along :)



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