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Shifting focus


- (sh)it happens -


I suppose that the “normal” way of approaching the work that needs to be done, is to pick a target and follow through.

Translated to my work, that would mean deciding on a collection theme, designing and constructing the Candies for that collection, until the collection is finished and published.

That would, I assume, be the “normal” way.

But who defines what is “normal” and “usual” anyway? There might be certain facts that increase productivity, generic wise advices which apply to general masses (do they really?); however they might not work for every individual.

And it took me a while to understand I should simply do things my way, rather than the “proper” way. I realised that my creative, and sometimes chaotic, brain (is that where inspiration actually comes from?) works differently.

I might start with a certain idea, and be already halfway through the work- but suddenly an idea, an inspiration so strong and overwhelming happens, that I simply need to follow it. Even if that means putting the work I have already started prior to that, aside.


I used to force myself to follow through with the initial idea- but it didn’t do me any good. My mind was clouded with the other inspiration, and as a result my heart just wasn’t in the current work I was doing. So I slowed down and started daydreaming, instead of working. The result was- not much progress in much time.

I was looking at the “Clutch, much?!” collection this morning. Halfway through, I shifted focus and started working on the “Precious Gems” collection (coming soon), as the inspiration for it was just too overwhelming.

I am not saying that an organised and disciplined mind is not creative; or that it means that only a chaotic mind is (automatically) a creative one.

I am just saying that things can happen in a different way, as well. It happens. We are all different, and we all need to follow our flow. :)




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