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- that little secret -


Yes, even a bag has it!

Surprised? :) You shouldn’t be. Each bag, just like each person, has its outer appearance displayed to the whole world; but it also has its "covert" part of the appearance, that makes it even more special.

That’s why the Store always tries to make both, You and Your Candy, feel special; and the lining of a bag plays a big role! When designing the Candies, the color coordination of the inside is as important as the one on the outside.

Just as beautiful lingerie will make each woman feel special, rather because it is a secret, not visible to everyone, which gives it a certain additional charm- so is the lining of Your Candy supposed to make You feel special, too. It is a small secret between Your bag and You, that makes You feel special.

It is sometimes difficult to “go wild” with the lining design, as some models of Candies are rather small and time is of the essence; but thought is always put into it, and if nothing else, special colors are supposed to represent the attention to details.

Go get Your other secret :)





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