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It IS personal


- could it ever be anything else, anyway? - 


Since its beginning, the Candy Store was clear that it is about handmade products.

That means, that behind all the work- there is a pair of hands and a heart, which put the work and the love into getting things done. And, when it comes to the creative part- there really is just one pair of hands.

On a completely voluntary basis- there are practically no weekends or holidays. Work is being done daily; partly due to the genuine affection that I feel for my work, but partly also in order to get the work done in a (more or less) timely manner.

It may seem like a long time between the collections being published, but a lot of work (and days) go into getting just one Candy ready.

The Candy Store isn’t a big corporation, where the absence of one worker is buffered through  many layers of other employees. Nope.

So far, it is just me. If I am not there to get things done- the creative part of the work is not being done. So I gladly use every moment available.


However, there are times when all work comes to a full stop.

As rare as these moments are, they do happen. And a loss of a loved one is one of those moments. Therefore, the Candy Store has been mostly silent in past year.


And until my heart is in its right place- the work will mostly be waiting.

Because that is life. You have to honor it by accepting its development.


Hopefully, with the end of this year comes a Happy next one, and with it a lot of sweet moments. :)



 December 18, 2018 



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