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It is not ugly


- but beauty that hurts -



In one of my former blog articles I presented my flow of thoughts on the difference between fashion and art.


One fundamental aspect of art, and therefore possibly one of the biggest differences with fashion, is the process the artist goes through. ( although a designer can, in that sense be an artist as well, as he/she might undergo a very intense emotional experience while designing “clothes”)


That means, that product and process should be seen as 2 separate parts of the final outcome.


When we see a piece of art, mostly we judge it by its end state, the end product (a finished painting, a finished sculpture, a finished ceramic vase, etc...).


What we don’t see- yet is so essential to understanding the whole point of art- is the process the artist goes through, while making his art. That is what gives true value to a piece of art.


One of those processes is, at least for me, processing beauty.


Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder, but everyone does have their own aesthetic “standards”. Yet, everyone processes beauty differently. For some, it is merely an aesthetic pleasure, and for some others (me included), it is a process that touches your emotions and senses deeply to the core.


When I start thinking about designing a collection, it impacts me on many levels. I start with ideas and visions, that are then being organically fused with a story, with a concept.


For me, it is a very intense and overwhelming process, that mostly wraps all of my senses and emotions. But it is also a process worth going through. :)




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