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Recently I have been traveling alone, to a place where I have never been before.

Nothing was familiar, no street that I knew from before, no familiar scenery, no memories. Sounds like a regular trip.

However, I was alone. So there wasn’t even a “somebody” with me, to connect me with my usual reality.

There was a very strong, yet gentle feeling of innocence, being so detached from everything familiar. It felt genuine, pure and liberating.

As I like my posts (blog) always to be connected in some way to fashion and/or art - it made me think of innocence in fashion.

What would such a concept even mean?

What is innocence in general; and how does it translate to fashion?

Not sticking to stiff and outdated definitions of innocence- I believe it is simply "something" (whether it is a feeling, an expression of self or an actual physical object), that originates from a place of conception that is genuine. That it is pure in a sense of being free of influences and boundaries set by others.

How does it translate to fashion?

Fashion, conceptually originating from the beautiful creative universe- should be innocent as well. It should be a genuine expression of the creator- not limited by boundaries or influences of others.

Therefore, trends are not very common in the VENA candy universe.

It might happen that some expressions (creations) accidentally coincide with the flow of trends- but it will never be intentionally.

VENA candy believes in creative innocence. :)




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