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-  H A N D M A D E    B A G S  -

“I know it is handmade!”


- do you? -



In today’s world, where there is a lot of everything - a lot of people, a lot of offers, a lot of products and wishes - it is natural that, due to this saturation, the flow of demand and supply has to move fast.

As I try to document the process of my work, and (fashion related) thoughts, in this blog - I want to try to remind everyone what it truly means when something is handmade.

Participating in a monthly market recently, I have been approached by a mother/daughter duo. Their fascination with the Candies was obvious from the first moment, and has been verbalized by them as well.

Touching every single piece (bag), and not being shy about their admiration, they have decided to purchase. After inquiring the price though, their attitude has changed. Given the fact they were willing to purchase several pieces, I offered a small discount. But they were not satisfied with the discount.

I have emphasized the fact that the bags are handmade (by me - so only one person doing all the work), and that it takes quite some time to complete just one bag - and their answer was simply “yes, we know”. After that, they walked away. No “thank you”, no “maybe next time’, no nothing. I felt frustrated and perplexed.

There are so many beautiful things to buy in today’s world. And a lot of them, even though precious and visually stunning, come from a factory; where hundreds of them are being produced in a single day.

No one can expect to have to pay the same price for a product that is handmade and for a product that comes down from an assembly line.

A bag may look very simple on the outside; yet there are so many hidden small steps- which I do and which add to the quality of the product, but cost quite some time and effort.

I fully stand behind the prices that I set for each Candy, as I know how much time, effort, material and accumulated knowledge went into making one.

So - think twice - do you really know what it means when it says “handmade”?

It means a lot of everything. :)




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