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-  H A N D M A D E    B A G S  -

Did we always have it in us?


- and what does it take -



Were we, humans, actually meant to artistically express ourselves? And when did it start?

Without diving into an anthropological research- another question imposes itself on me.

Does it require some sort of “balance”, to sustain a healthy and well balanced mind and spirit (getting in touch with our "roots", maybe)?

Art and fashion can be pretty abstract in their nature.


There is the "literal" version, where everything is as it seems; art wise- a picturesque painting of a beautiful landscape, just as it looks in reality. Fashion wise- a t-shirt, that is “just” a t-shirt. (no harm meant to t-shirts!)


But there is also the the abstract/conceptual way of self-expression. At some point, humanity must have come to a fork in its mental path - realising that things can transcend from the literal.

However, on the scale of being literal and abstract - if a creator tends to be very abstract or conceptual- doesn't it require also some sort of balance?

What would that be? Spending time in nature? Physical work?

And is it really necessary?

Being, and staying, caught up only in the “cerebral sphere” (where ideas come from and develop further on) can cause a lack of attention to the needs of other aspects of ourselves.

I guess every creator has to find out for himself, what it takes to stay whole as an individual; and whether it actually matters to them...

I believe it matters. Very much... :)



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