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Cycling in and out


- cool as a cucumber -

In addition to the last blog, here is a sequence of the flow of the thoughts...

So what’s up with one moment being completely gone and the other all over and  everywhere (referring to social media, ‘cause that seems to be the REAL world now).

Well, the artistic process is a funny one. One moment it draws you in, it overwhelms you- then it chews you up and spits you out.

And then you go through the cycle again. At least that is how it is for me.

What's up with me calling my work art?

It is JUST bags, for heaven’s sake.

You are right. At the end, it IS just bags. And I am perfectly happy with that!

But it is the PROCESS that is the art for me.

Starting as a spark, as an idea- infecting my mind and growing, to become so overwhelming and all consuming, wrapping my mind and hands around my work so intensely, leaving no space left for anything else.

So what is the point of this thought flow/blog post?

Well, as I cycle in and out of my own process- so is my presence in the cyber sphere.

It is just cycles of disappearing and then using those short moments where I appear again (to come out to catch my breath), to remind people in the cyber sphere that I am still here. And then I mostly just dump it all at once.

I have read those advices how, in order to be successful (at least Instagram-wise), you have to post every day, maybe even every few hours.

That might work for many. For some others (me included)- we just do it our way, and hope somebody notices us along the way. :)

Going back to cycle in now. Into my process. See you soon? :)




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