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-  H A N D M A D E    B A G S  -

Art or fashion?


- it’s a blurry line -



I have always felt a need to express myself creatively and artistically. It started very early with drawing, then continued through playing violoncello, making ceramic sculptures and this and that- and then it suddenly went silent.


Not having planned, but ended up, studying Business Administration, my creative self slowly, but surely, completely vanished. Convincing myself that I am on the right path to a good career, I have further distanced myself from myself.


Having ended up in an exchange semester in Istanbul, I "accidentally" enrolled in a ceramic course. Little did I know that just one lesson would completely change the course of my life.


Being in touch with clay, something deeply intuitive inside me broke loose. The creativity that was long time buried inside me, longed to express itself on the outside, again.


The semester had just started, yet it was clear to me that I could not continue down this path. After a lot of tears at first (it felt somewhat like a breakup with my current life), I dared to make the decision to let go of a future not suitable for me, and embrace fully what felt so right for me- and I knew it was somewhere in the creative sphere.


I started to learn sewing after my return from Istanbul, then had a short encounter with a fashion school and then finally decided to simply start doing things my way. Even though I wasn’t really sure what “my way” was!


It took a bit longer to fully realize in which direction exactly I wanted to go, but it was clear that it should have something to do with fashion.


And - I also knew it would never be "just" fashion.


What is art? I believe art is something that either tells a story and makes you think or something that evokes emotions.


What is fashion? Ultimately- fashion, even though it can have all those elements of art, has an utilitarian element in it- it should be wearable.


So I realized that I want to artistically express myself through fashion.


It should be beauty, materialized through my hands; a wonderful visual experience and a feast for the eyes- that tells a story, faces a topic, revolves around a theme. It should, in my case, evoke feelings of joy and happiness and fun, but with the ultimate point of being wearable.


And so VENA candy was born. :)




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