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- deodorant reality check - 



Recently I was in your regular grocery store, and while I was “strolling” through it (obeying the current COVID restrictions and regulations), a tiny product caught my eye.


A deodorant. And it had “5 in 1” written on it. I really had to stop and think a bit about this a bit. This tiny product is supposed to do 5 things for you. It used to be “it does this”. Then things got upgraded to “2 in 1”. “3 in 1” sounded mighty, and “4 in 1” was kinda already scary.


And then came “5 in 1”. There it was. Staring at me and making me feel anxious and sad. This tiny product is supposed to do 5 things for you! What is next? It will cook your lunch for you?!


It made me sad that so many properties are required from 1 product. And then I thought - what on Earth are people expecting from my bags?! How am I supposed to compete in a world where a deodorant has got you covered on "all fronts"?!


It made me anxious and sad, as I (once again) had a harsh reality check on how competitive the world has become. How fast and instant and multipurpose and multifunctional and multidimensional everything has to be, and how each sensation has to top the previous one. There is such a saturation of everything!


Fashion is no exception. 


But then, as I was mentally shrinking, suddenly a very calm feeling came over me.


All those ultra, mega and super products are growing at a speed that is not natural. Nor authentic and genuine. It is like they are pumped with steroids, to constantly satisfy the ever growing needs.


And I realised that I am very happy that my brand and my business are not built on those premises. Each idea that I materialise, each bag that I make, each description that I write for it- are all happening genuinely, and come from a very personal, authentic and intimate creative space. 


I don’t really know if that is something people are looking for, but I am happy to grow at my own speed. And if it is only 1 step at the time, that I can make- then 1 it is. Not 5. :) 


- Vjerana



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